Transformational Program for the Parents at Your Parish

Purchase a parish license for your parish to give your parents access to our Catholic Parenting Series.


Our Parish License Program gives you access for the parents of your parish to our one of a kind Catholic Video Series for Parents

We don't need to give the parents of our parish a new Catholic parenting "hack" or trick to help them teach their kids the faith. This course is designed to be a resource that helps parents cut through the clutter and maximizes their limited time. Our Catholic Parenting Class retails for $97, but for $1100 you can license the program for your parish and gift it to your parents and catechists.


Introducing our Catholic Parenting Series


Invest in your family's faith formation.

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Program Details

After joining our parish license program, you'll be instructed on how to send us a list of parents from your parish you want to subscribe to the program. They will get access to the program as long as your parish keeps the parish license. You can add new parents at any time. You need to get your people's permission before adding them to the course and you can only add people who belong to your parish.


Help Parents Energize their Faith

If parents don't know their faith it's challenging to reach their kids.


Practical Teaching Tips

Videos will encourage and inspire parents with hands-on, practical advice for teaching their kids.


Engage with your kids

Each topic has a high-quality video parents can watch with and discuss with their kids


The 9 topics in the first series are:

Catholic Parenting, Who is Jesus, Prayer, Getting the Most Out of Mass, The Bible, Sex / The Talk, Mary and The Eucharist, and Sin and Reconciliation.


Some of the most dynamic Catholic teachers in the country: Andy Lesnefsky, Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, Bob Lesnefsky, Michael "Gomer" Gormley, Fr. Joe Freedy, and Kris Frank.



Purchase the parish license today and save hundreds of dollars. Give your families and catechists the gift of this course.

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