5 minutes that have changed my day

This fall 5 minutes in the car in the morning have changed my day. These five minutes coupled with the fact that I stopped “reading” the readings from daily Mass has made a big impact in both my life and in my family.

This school year we were forced to change schools as our parish school closed. We are at a new school called Aquinas Academy that we absolutely love, but one of the difficulties we were faced with was an earlier start and our kids were given an early bus pickup time. Luckily, we worked it out that I would drop the kids off at school on my way to work and the bus would take them home.

During the morning car ride, we started a new routine that I believe has greatly impacted our family. It’s about a 15-minute car ride to school and for 5 minutes of that time, we started a new routine of listening to the Mass readings via the USCCB Podcast.

After listening to the readings, each kid shares anything that they would like to pray for that day. I lead a prayer...

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